Zanesville Moving Towards Monthly Water Bills

by Mackenzie Stasko on June 10, 2013 at 8:50 am

Monthly billing has been in talks for several years and at Monday’s city council meeting, an ordinance was proposed for the City of Zanesville to move towards monthly billing as soon as upgrades are in place in the utility building office.

"Part of that reason is fixed incomes. It’s easier for people to budget for one month period as well as tenant/landlord issues where we have extremely large bills run up by tenants and then they escape and get stuck with the landlord," said Mike Sims, City of Zanesville Public Service Director.

The ordinance will go for three readings at city council and is expected to pass in August. Another change you can expect to see is the city will no longer be sending out the blue postcard shut-off notices for late payments or warnings of disconnection.

"There won’t be the second notice in the late fee, and then the final disconnection notice we’re going to streamline it more like the other utility companies and the private utility companies. There won’t be the extra reminder. There will be a late fee period but if it’s not paid within that time frame, it will just be noted on the bill that it will be shut off."

Sims says the reason for eliminating the mailer is because they often get lost in the mail because they are easy to miss.