2014 Annual Budget For Muskingum County

by Courtney Wheaton on July 11, 2013 at 6:33 am

We’re only half way through 2013 but the Muskingum County Commissioners are already planning the annual budget for next year.

They receive budget submissions from local departments each year that outline their projected revenues and expenses for 2014.

"In the county general fund most of it is your elected officials, your courts, sheriffs department is our largest single item in our budget and the other general expenses within the county," said Lavy.

The commissioners are required to have a set budget in place by December 31st. As of now the estimated general fund is set at 29.4 million dollars. Lavy says that they have to find ways to trim the budget in order to stay balanced.

"We have to live within what our revenue what we feel it’s going to be so if we have to live in those parameters we’re not by law allowed to be in a deficit situation," said Lavy.

Lavy says that all of the departments have filed their budgets on time and the commissioners have discussed securing a finalized budget before the end of the year.