Adopt A Pet This Summer

by Mackenzie Stasko on July 9, 2013 at 6:47 am

The Animal Shelter Society of Zanesville is receiving cats and litters of kittens everyday, an odd amount of guinea pigs so they’ve lowered the prices to help find them a home.

"They’re $20 and that includes their shots, their vaccinations, everything they need to go out the door plus they will have had surgery so they will be spayed and neutered," said Jody Murray, Executive Director of The Animal Shelter Society.

Murray says they try to offer special pricing when animals have been in the shelter for a couple of months so they have also lowered adoption fees on beagles with prices ranging from $50-75. Guinea pigs are $5 and rabbits are $10. Murray says the process for adopting is simple and all you have to do is show that you’ll be able to provide a good home for your pet.

"If you rent, you need to have permission from your landlord, that’s probably the main thing when people come in to do that. And obviously, we want you to have adequate facilities. Either a fenced in backyard or a kennel."

The special pricing runs until Saturday.