Annual Luncheon For City Employees

by Mackenzie Stasko on July 26, 2013 at 6:49 am

Mayor Tilton held the annual luncheon for Zanesville city employees at Secrest Auditorium on Friday afternoon.

"This luncheon was started by Jack Fenton way back when and we’ve just continued it every year to tell our employees that we thank them for everything they do," said Mayor Tilton.

Over 300 employees were invited to the luncheon, but of course not all could attend because of the shifts they work. Hamburgers, coleslaw, brats and tom’s ice cream were served and the Mayor even put his cooking apron on and helped out.

"I have some of my administration employees cooking. I’ve got Fred Buck who is my public safety director, John Benson who works for code enforcement. I’ve got Davey Lead who is building maintenance. I’ve got Frank Steam who is the head of traffic signal and building maintenance and we’ve got people inside serving."

The mayor said the luncheon is all about showing appreciation for city employees who get the job done all year long.