Big Band Plays at Zane’s Landing Park

by Courtney Wheaton on July 28, 2013 at 11:41 am

A local man comes back to Zanesville and to perform music for the community at Zane’s Landing Park.

David Schubach is the band leader of the Schubach Big Band and as a treat for the community on Sunday, he held a free concert with new, old and original music.

We’re playing some Glen Miller, some Count Bassie and new things like a Reba Mcintyre tune and a Ricky Martin tune…Living La Vida Loca. So we’re going to have some fun," said Schubach.

Along with leading the band, Schubach has a variety of other musical talents that he focuses on in his spare time.

" I’m a composer, piano player, but i’ve spent 20 years in Hollywood and moved back here three years ago and now I commute the other way when I need to, but I spend most of my time here writing and you’ll here some of those compositions tonight, " said Schubach.

Schubach says that Zanesville encouraged him to grow and blossom and that he and his band enjoy performing here because it’s an outlet for their creativity.