Community Rallies to Give Philo Football a Facelift

by Chase Evans on July 10, 2013 at 7:39 am

Two years ago, head coach Dirk Lincicome started a new era of Philo football. The Electrics rolled off thirteen wins and nearly made it to the playoffs a year ago. The community has rallied around the program’s resurgence and the team now has a new, high-tech turf field to call their own.

"Every day we come out here, it’s like opening a new present almost," said Lincicome. "Practicing in our own stadium I think gives us an advantage. This is our home and we get to spend every day here as opposed to only five times a year."

This spring, the town raised nearly a half million dollars to begin renovations at the beginning of May. Exactly two months to the day, on July 6th, the project was complete. The football team began practicing on their new turf earlier this week.

"It’s really special being the first class to be on the new field," senior Hunter Smith said. "Being the ones to be able to push it to get approved, it’s pretty special for not just the seniors, but the whole team, and the coaches, and the whole community."

The new field brings instant advantages to the Electrics. In years past, the football team would only use Hatfield Stadium on home game days. With the new turf, there is no fear in tearing up the field, and the team can practice and prepare as much as they please.

Philo hosts Licking Valley for their home opener on September 6th.