Construction Trucks Ticketed For Using Side Streets

by Mackenzie Stasko on July 31, 2013 at 6:43 am

Captain Tony Coury says the Zanesville Police Department has been getting in numerous complaints from residents who live near the Bethesda campus complaining about the construction trucks driving down the side streets instead of Maple Avenue.

"We’ve asked the construction company, we’ve asked the hospital to stop their trucks from going on the side streets, using these off routes to stay on the state routes which is Maple Avenue," said Capt. Coury. "We understand they don’t control the individual drivers but we’ve given them a couple warnings and we’re still getting the complaints so today we’re enforcing that."

Coury says that Bell Street is already starting to show signs of stress and says the side streets just can’t withstand the weight of construction vehicles like the state routes can. Coury has reached out to the construction foreman, saying he has been responsive and easy to work with.

"He has informed his truck drivers and the crews working for him that they needed to use Maple Avenue and to stay off the side roads. The drivers are aware. They’re saving time by using these back roads and we just can’t afford for them to do that."

The Zanesville Police Department will continue to ticket the construction drivers who use the side streets.