Creek Canoe Ride Turns Dangerous Due to Flooded Waters

by Katie McGraw on July 9, 2013 at 11:31 am

Four men seeking a thrill ride Tuesday afternoon on the Moxahala Creek in Crooksville are lucky to be alive and well after a near drowning experience.

The men, who range in ages from 16 to 30, started out in two canoes near Crooksville High School and were riding the flooded creek, when both canoes flipped behind Blackers Pharmacy in downtown Crooksville. Three managed to get out of the water but the forth clung onto the canoe, underneath the Main Street Bridge, and floated right by the Crooksville Fire Department where he was rescued by first responders.

"It goes to prove to everybody that you do not take a boat, canoe, or anything, in flood waters because today’s scenario could have been much worse,” said Crooksville Fire Department Chief, Ralph Hill. ”We could have been pulling corpse out of the water instead of live people."

According to Hill, flood waters move very fast, while bridges create downdrafts and rip currents that can easily suck you under the harsh waters.

"It’s just a happy ending. Stay away from swollen creeks, don’t drive through it, don’t walk through it, don’t boat in it. Because not only does it endanger those people, it endangers the first responders having to rescue them from something that could have been prevented."

All four men were checked by medics on the scene and only suffered minor bumps and bruises but they are being charged with Inducing a Panic and perhaps more for their creek joy ride.