Crematorium Open House

by Courtney Wheaton on July 1, 2013 at 12:18 pm

A local funeral home celebrates an addition to their services with an open house at the new location.

The Bolin Dierkes Funeral Home opened the Y-City Crematory on Madison Street and invited the public to view its new state of the art equipment. At the facility there was a digital cremator, weighted lift table, cooler and processing table.Vice President of the funeral home,Ty Dierkes says that their funeral home also operates the crematory.

"We’re in the service care business and we feel that we offer more care than a third party provider would because it’s not a funeral home," said Dierkes.

City officials were at the event to cut the ribbon and officially open the new facility. After the public asked questions and viewed the equipment people enjoyed refreshments in the lobby. Dierkes says the goal of the funeral home is to please their customers.

"We’re here to serve families whichever type of disposition they choose whether its burial or cremation we are here to serve the public and we’ll be here for many years to come," said Dierkes.

The funeral home has provided four cremations for families in their new crematory so far.