Crops Damaged From Heavy Rains

by Mackenzie Stasko on July 2, 2013 at 6:34 am

The increase of rain and storms in our area have caused flooding in some parts of Muskingum County, which has affected farmer’s crops and will eventually affect their yield at the end of the growing season. Mark Mechling of the OSU Extension Office in Muskingum County describes the weather as unusual.

"If you think back to Memorial Day, we were fairly dry and then we got kind of dry in most parts of Muskingum County during the month of June. However, in late June and now into July we have experienced a lot of rain and that rain has created some issues," said Mechling.

Mechling says corn crops are tall enough to where they can withstand the high waters and heavy rain, but soybeans, which are a shorter crop, are prone to flooding and says farmer’s should expect to see the health of that plant decline.

"We’re going to see some areas in some of the soybean fields that are essentially drowned out or kill the plant so that’s going to have a negative impact on the overall yield."

Another big issue we could expect to see is hay production. Dry weather is needed to produce a good quality and quantity of hay, and with the wet weather, that could cause a shortage this winter.