Downtown Construction on 5th Street

by Katie McGraw on July 8, 2013 at 6:38 am

If your commute takes you through downtown, you may have noticed the construction that began Monday morning on 5th Street.

The work that’s being done, is similar to the construction that was done on main street and 6th street, which is all part of the beautification of Zanesville’s downtown.

"Well they will be removing side curb and sidewalks and installing the underground utility corridor with the decorative brick trim,” said Public Service Director, Mike Sims. “So all of the over head power lines will be down and also we will be improving traffic lights and the period decorative street lighting."

5th Street construction is a 1.5 million dollar project, that was awarded to contractor Shelly and Sands. The city is using O-DOT and Ohio Works Commission is funding the pavement part of the project and a nearly $400,000 grant for most of the cost of the project.

"And the cities actual out of pocket on this is going to be less than $73,000, so I think we are doing pretty good; to get a million and half project for 70 some thousand dollars and then we will just continue the beautification of the downtown and keeping everything looking similar.”

Sims says the project will be cause a mild inconvenience with short delays. One lane of 5th Street will remain open. Construction will continue until the end of November.