Flash Flood Preparedness

by Katie McGraw on July 22, 2013 at 6:31 am

The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood watch for the majority of the state for creeks, rivers and streams due to heavy downpours.

Flash floods are a particularly dangerous situation because the water rises at a rapid rate and there is usually limited time. This is why the American Red Cross stresses flood preparedness

"Make a plan, we always want to make a plan, make a kit, be prepared, be as prepared as possible,” the Community Disaster Education for the Red Cross, Martha Staley said. “Make plans with other family members and friends who live on higher ground. Make sure you can get there, listen to the weather and radio stations, and the TV to make sure that you know this is coming."

Even having a plan in place, there is no way to prevent your home from being flooded, but during a disaster situation, is the time when you can lean on the Red Cross for help.

"We address the immediate need, we provide at the shelter, we provided the food, we have gone and got some clothing and had it available there at the shelter and flip flops shoes that were donated and things like that. Because I know that some of them had to leave very quickly, "

After the basic needs are met, the Red Cross will provide information regarding long term recovery organizations.