Flooded Homes Can Lead to Mold Infestations

by Katie McGraw on July 10, 2013 at 7:50 am

The extreme amount of rainfall we’ve seen which flooded homes will have another concern soon: mold.

When there is extensive moisture it allows mold to grow on many materials that have dirt, dust or grease on them.

"Obviously there is going to be some stuff that you are not going to be able to save, furniture, carpet, anything really soaky, soggy mess are just going to have to get rid of it,” said Environmental Health Director, Mike Kirsch. “Hard surfaces, that they can repair and clean they can clean those with detergent and water, but they are just going to have to take and inventory of what they can save."

Preventing mold is the number one way to handle the fungus but for victims of floods, prevention is no longer an option, all you can do is eliminate it and consult a professional.

"Usually anybody that does extensive home remediation or those professionals that clean carpets, they also have a side or are educated in mold remediation."

Ways you can prevent mold, is repair any leaks and keep humidity levels low in the home. For more information visit the Zanesville Muskingum County Health Departments website at zmchd.org.