Former Sheriff Bernie Gibson is Laid to Rest

by Katie McGraw on July 16, 2013 at 6:57 am

A former Muskingum County Sheriff was laid to rest Tuesday afternoon after fearlessly battling lung cancer and emphysema.

Bernie Gibson became the sheriff in 1977 and after being re-elected four times, held office longer than any other sheriff. Tuesday morning, there was a funeral service at William Thompson and Son Funeral Home followed by a burial at St. John’s Lutheran Cemetery in Stovertown where there was a 21 gun salute and a flag folding ceremony.

"Well it’s a very humbling experience,” said Warren County Sheriff Deputy, John Smith. “Emotions are always high but more than anything its an honor to pay tribute to the person that passed away 40 and for what they have done for their community."

Though it was a sad day for loved ones to say goodbye to Gibson, friend and coworker, Steve Welker said, it was a good day to honor the deceased sheriff who did so much for the county in his 20 year tenure.

"Well of course, at a time like this there are always funny stories that are related, but again I think the overall theme of things was, just that we were thankful for Sheriff Gibson for what he did for the county and the citizens of Muskingum County."

Warren County’s Sheriff, Larry Sims, worked under Gibson and his honor guard, pipe and drum band assisted at the burial service.