Four Star Pizza Responds to Weekend Shut Down

by Katie McGraw on July 30, 2013 at 7:25 am

Over the weekend, Four Star Pizza on Linden Avenue shut its doors at the Health Department’s request. Tuesday, the store manager spoke out.

The Zanesville- Muskingum County Health Department makes random inspections twice a year of every restaurant in the area. During last week’s inspection, Registered Sanitarian, Adam Dickerson said he found several health safety concerns to an extent he hadn’t seen in his 15 years.

"Some of the equipment was dirty, we had roaches on the floor and on the equipment and some of the coolers weren’t working properly,” Dickerson said.

Four Star manager of the South Zanesville store, Dave Burris says, the Linden Avenue pizzeria closed for the weekend and hired professional cleaners, purchased a brand new cooler and have scheduled weekly visit’s from Orkin pest control

"We would say there are no concerns at this point and issues that we were having have been corrected but we also invite them to come in,” said Burris. “All of our stores,our kitchens are right in front of you, if you ever want to see whats going on, you guys should come in, you don’t have to get it delivered, you can come, get it here and watch it be made."

The Health Department says the Linden Avenue restaurant is up to the same standards as every other restaurant in town, but it is now on a re-inspection program, meaning they will see the health department more frequently.