Genesis Gets Input From Patients On New Rooms

by Mackenzie Stasko on July 19, 2013 at 3:04 am

As construction at Bethesda continues, the hospital is asking employees and patients for input on how to create the most efficient room.

Genesis has created two model patient rooms and they’re collecting feedback from the people who will use the room the most to find out what works best and what doesn’t.

"The whole purpose of theses model rooms is for patients, staff and visitors, and our physicians to kind of test drive the rooms," said Al Burns, Chief Development Officer at Genesis. "Kind of like when you buy a car, you take it out for a spin you see what you like what you don’t like. And that’s the whole purchase of us putting together these two rooms."

The model rooms do have slight differences like the location of the charting station, the furniture and location of the bed to determine which layout works best. One thing that each patient will get with each room is a personal bathroom with a shower, something that the old rooms did not have. Christine Christopher, a nurse manager at Genesis says the main goal is to end up with a room to provide the best possible experience for the patient.

"The way we have the lighting in the room, the ability to dim, color schemes, all of that, makes it more of a homey environment, a warming environment as opposed to being in a hospital or institution," said Christopher.

The design team will sort through the comments and suggestions to determine what the end result should be.