Local Academy Offers Young Entrepreneur Series

by Courtney Wheaton on July 27, 2013 at 11:54 am

A school for visionaries is starting a new program to encourage the youth to follow their dreams.

The C.A.S.S M.I.N.D Academy started their Young Entrepreneurs series on Saturday with Madison Simons, a 16 year old college student, jockey and musician. Simons owns her own horse and taught other children the fundamentals of horse riding.She plans on using all of the money she raised for charity.

"Today we are going to teach them about the basics. We are going to show them how to ride, how to tack up, and how to really have fun and basically what we are going to do is take the money we make off of this and we are going to give it to kids that can’t afford school supplies," said Simons.

Director and CEO of the Academy, Cassandra McDonald says the point of the program is to foster talent in young people especially those interested in business, art and music. She hopes that eventually they will use their skills to become successful additions to society. The program has no end date and more sessions have already been scheduled.

"Some of the other things are live bands. We have people that have technology innovations that are just amazing. Those have cooking businesses and those who have serving businesses," said McDonald.

McDonald says if you have a program idea you can visit the academy at the Buckingham House or visit their website for more information.