Local Children Beat the Heat

by Courtney Wheaton on July 15, 2013 at 6:43 am

Children were outside and finding ways to beat the heat on Monday at the Muskingum Family YMCA pool.

The pool can have as many as 200 to 300 people throughout its gates when temperatures reach the 80 to 90 degree mark. Lifeguards say that to ensure the safety of children they take extra precautions.

"We always make sure that we have water available for them. They have shade available for them. We have our umbrellas up around the pool that give them a little bit of extra shade while they’re down here in the water and of course the water is always cold, " said Lifeguard, Kylee Hamilton.

Along with shade the lifeguards provide sunscreen for people who need it. Visitors to the pool are required to take breaks so that they do not get dehydrated or suffer from a heat stroke.

"Heat stroke is when somebody gets overheated and their skin starts to get a little bit clammy, and their body can’t control the body temperature. It’s a dangerous situation so we definitely have to watch out for that on days like this," said Hamilton.

Hamilton says that luckily no one has suffered a heat stroke while she has worked at the Muskingum Family YMCA, but the lifeguards are all trained to handle high stress situations accordingly.