Lt. Governor Talks State Budget

by Mackenzie Stasko on July 3, 2013 at 6:34 am

The $62 billion, two year plan includes added funding to public schools, changes in higher education, added transportation funds, tax cuts and controversial cuts to Planned Parenthood.

Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor said, "There’s a $2.7 billion dollar net tax cut in this budget. 10 percent individual tax cut across the board for all individuals who pay taxes in Ohio and there’s also a 50 percent tax cut for small business."

Taylor says the budget will keep Ohio on an economic path to recovery with $1.7 billion going to public schools and $3 billion being reinvested into infrastructure and transportation. Taylor says keeping highways safe and efficient is essential to keeping goods moving across the state and the economy growing. She says the governor asked her and other agencies across Ohio to cut back and become more efficient, a decision that helped make the tax cuts possible.

"It’s going to put more dollars back in their pockets to reinvest in their business, to grow their businesses, to higher more Ohioans to create or innovate a new technology. So I think it’s a significant change for small business."

The lieutenant governor discussed the 170,000 jobs created since Kasich took office and says the state now has a rainy day fund of $2 billion. Although she didn’t touch on the topic of Planned Parenthood, she says both she and the governor are pro-life and believes the state’s budget reflects that.