Maple Avenue Exit Construction Begins Monday

by Katie McGraw on July 18, 2013 at 4:39 am

During the slow traffic due to the accident Wednesday afternoon, motorists may have noticed signs posted on the side of the interstate alerting drivers that a popular exit in Zanesville will be closed for the next 60 days.

Beginning next Monday, The Ohio Department of Transportation will be performing a bridge rehabilitation project, for the Westbound Maple Avenue exit ramp.

"With bridge rehabilitation, it’s just going in and making any necessary repairs that need to be made to the bridge,” said Public Information Specialist, Lauren Holdsworth. “It is not a full force bridge replacement, it’s just basic resurfacing which is the concrete overlay on top of the bridge which happens to be the exit 153b ramp."

This project will close the ramp because it is only one lane so motorists will have to follow detours. O-DOT is hopeful that drivers will be aware to the change in traffic flow and delays will be minimal.

"At this point in time, we don’t foresee this causing any issues because it is not that long of a jaunt to State Route 60. We have had signs posted for the last week, they went up on Monday so we plan that motorists will just plan ahead and get the word out that they will be aware of whats going on."

There is a second O-DOT project at the beginning of august on I-70 on the eastbound bridge but this construction will not impact traffic until September.