Massive Thompson Property Auction

by Katie McGraw on July 31, 2013 at 7:01 am

More than a thousand historical items from vintage cars and motorcycles to horses and donkeys will be up for auction at one of Zanesville’s most infamous locations.

The Thompson farm, the scene of the release of exotic animals, will host an auction of their personal property that likely will interest any collector, automotive enthusiast or horse lover.

"We have a lot of interest in motorcycle enthusiasts, we have people coming in just for the vintage parts because everything out there is from the 1970’s and older,” said Auctioneer Jeff Koehler. “So it is something. This magnitude of items is unusual to see coming to the auction block all at one time."

There will be no preview for the auction that is on Wednesday, August fourteenth at 270 Kopchak Road at 9 am. Therefore, gates open at 6:30, so you can get a look at all of the ticketed items. There is also a 25 dollar entrance fee.

"It’s not designed to profit from, it’s a crowd control situation. We are expecting a large amount of people coming, and we are trying to eliminate just the lookers, and make room for the serious people that are coming in that are serious buyers."

That fee will be credited to any purchase you make. On Koehler’s website ( there is a full list of the belongings to be auctioned and a schedule of events.