McConnelsville Fourth of July Festival

by Courtney Wheaton on July 6, 2013 at 11:58 am

 McConnelsville is celebrating its Fourth of July on Saturday by having a community festival.

This year’s celebration is different than previous years because the city allowed vendors. One local family sold their candles for the first time this year. The Driftwood Candle Company hopes to gain more customers through their presence in the community.

"I would like a good turnout and I want a lot of word of mouth. Actually once somebody tries our candles they tell somebody and the tell somebody and they just keep going and that’s what were hoping for here not so much gross sales," said Owner and Operator, Jeremy Garber.

The Driftwood Candle Company makes all of the candles in the basement of their home, using soy wax, which they say is healthier than petroleum based wax, and they have a variety of scents, the most popular being Driftwood. Another vendor at the festival sold Mckitrick’s homemade icecream as a fundraiser for the Morgan County Democratic Pack Club.

"It’s part of our fundraising campaigns that we do every year for candidates and other activities including scholarships and things along that order, " said Pack Club President, Keith Nelson.

The club has sold the locally manufactured icecream for the last 6 years. The festival gives community organizations a chance to showcase their work and it is also a family day of fun activities.