McCoy Pottery Collector’s 28th Annual Convention

by Courtney Wheaton on July 14, 2013 at 11:53 am

Pottery lovers gathered Sunday at an annual convention for a local pottery company.

Sunday was the 28th annual McCoy Pottery Collector’s Convention. This year’s theme was McCoy’s Yellow Palette, but at the auction today there were pieces of all colors, decades and sizes. The McCoy pieces that are mainly collected by the group are from 1910 through the late 1980’s.

"Pickle jars, and crocks and things, and then the dime stores years of Kresge’s in the fifties, and later on they did a lot of dinnerware,so a little bit of everything," Said Craig Nissen, President of the McCoy Pottery Collector’s Society.

The McCoy Pottery Collector’s Society meets every year in July, just in time for Zanesville’s Pottery Week. Nissen says that McCoy Pottery is less expensive than other brands and that makes it an easy pottery collection to exchange and purchase.

" Members of the group bring in pieces and we limit it to a certain amount so we can control the length of the pottery and things," said Nissen.

The members enjoyed food and drinks at the event that took place at the Knights of Columbus building. For more information on McCoy Pottery and the society you can visit their website.