McHugh Dealership Expands to Add Chrysler

by Katie McGraw on July 3, 2013 at 8:36 am

Chrysler vehicles can now be bought in Zanesville at McHugh’s on Maple Avenue.

After two years of planning, McHugh Dodge and Jeep, is expanding its dealership to add the popular franchise for the first time in the Y-City.

"They wanted us to have 1000 square foot more showroom space, so we had to do that,” said part owner,Tim Mchugh. “There are certain criteria, that you had to have a certain face on the building, had to have an arch on the front, just some facility requirements." 

The McHugh Dealership has not had any major renovations since the late 80’s, when the company added the Jeep franchise and McHugh says it’s time for another.

"This is the biggest renovation we have ever undertaken. This is our fiftieth year in business and we have been in this location for 49 years, so it was due to give the building a facelift. So it was time to do it and I guess adding extra square footage get the Chrysler franchise it will be worth my while to do."

The addition will not be completed until Mid-September but you already can purchase Chrysler vehicles.