Memorial Benefit Raises Money For Cancer

by Courtney Wheaton on July 26, 2013 at 11:55 am

A special memorial was held Friday night in order to raise money for a local woman who passed away after losing her fight with cancer.

Jana Hahn’s husband says they found out she had Melanoma cancer four months ago and originally planned to have a benefit for her to help pay for her medical costs. Brian Hahn says the benefit ended up becoming a memorial once she passed away on June 30th. Hahn says if Jana were here she would appreciate the support.

"My wife was a really amazing person that a lot of people really cherished the moments that they spent with her and you know if she was here today she would be very proud of what’s actually taking place, " said Hahn.

Hahn owns Hometown Graphics in Dresden where he and Jana’s daughter came up with the blue shirts that all the attendees wore. Along with shirts members of the community made donations to make this event possible.

" A good dear friend of mine from Bill’s Barbeque Pit actually cooked both hogs that were actually donated by Bell Farms, and we have Double Cut playing tonight who has donated their time also to even be here and I appreciate everything that everyone is doing," said Hahn.

They plan to have this memorial annually to raise money for cancer. If you could not make it tonight you can go to a Century National Bank and donate to Jana or visit Hometown Graphics.