Missing Coshocton Man’s Body has Been Found

by Katie McGraw on July 14, 2013 at 11:56 am

The body of 53 year old, Mark Walters, was found Sunday afternoon by search crews on the Muskingum River.

According to Coshocton County Sheriff’s Office, Sergeant John Glasure, Walters body surfaced around 2:30 pm, about a half a mile from where he was last seen, near the bridge on County Road 273 and the American Electric Power Plant in Conesville.

Two search crews, had been searching the river since about 8 in morning,  because officials suspected a body would float downstream towards that bridge. Glasure said, when human bodies begin to decompose in water, there is a build up of gas which bloats the body and lifts it to the surface.

The conditions of the river have not improved since Walters went missing last Thursday and Glasure noted the swift currents and added debris in the water. Therefore, once the search team located something in the water that matched the description,  they moved quickly and efficiently to remove Walters.

Walters had been missing since the boat he was riding on with two other individuals capsized Thursday night. The other two people on the boat survived the sinking. According to authorities, Walters could not swim, there were no life jackets on board and alcohol was involved.

Glasure said, Walters was taken the Coshocton Morgue and most likely an autopsy will be performed.