Mosquitoes Increase in Flood Conditions

by Katie McGraw on July 10, 2013 at 7:52 am

Another bi-product of the flooding will be mosquitoes.  The bugs flock to flood pools because they are a good site for breeding.

"Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water because that is where they lay their eggs,” said Public Health Sanitation Specialist, Mike Hemmer. “Where their larva pupils stages are and that’s where they are in a safe place, that they can grow and they can become adult mosquitoes."

With so much excess water, the Zanesville Muskingum County Health Department, is expecting to get an increase in complaints and they will continue to spray with the truck mounted sprayer but there are other things you can do to control the biting bugs.

"If you are experiencing bites from mosquitoes and you are unable to prevent them completely by eliminating standing water we recommend that you wear light colored clothing, wear long sleeves if possible, use insecticides containing DEET, and also you can stay inside during peak biting hours, which are dusk and dawn."

A summary of the health departments treatments are available on its website to explain where they have been treating with adulticide and standing water with larvicide.