Oil and Gas Seminar

by Katie McGraw on July 15, 2013 at 6:35 am

Area companies that are interested in getting involved in the oil and gas industry have an opportunity to do so this week.

On Wednesday, at the Longaberger Golf Course, Crosstex Energy – a leading mid stream or pipeline transportation company, will be hosting a seminar to provide local businesses with information about the growing oil and gas industry and how to take advantage of that rapid growth.

"Crosstex is going to talk about that and explain to businesses how they can get involved in that part of the industry. If they want to be a contractor, or a supplier, to Crosstex and other mainstream customers they can comer here and learn how to do that," said Zanesville- Muskingum County Chamber of Commerce President, Tom Poorman.

Poorman said there is a wide variety of business that might want to tap into the oil and gas market such as service corporations, uniform companies, and pressure washing companies.

"I would encourage any local businesses to attend a seminar like this and find out if it’s for them. This is the best way to find out quickly if it is a place that they can do business profitably."

The event starts at 8 am and will last about two and half hours, with three speakers, and will be followed with hours of informal networking with senior officials from Crosstex energy.