Nichole Hannahs

Perry County Flood Damage

by Nichole Hannahs on July 9, 2013 at 6:40 am

The rains and the creeks rose and what’s left behind is a muddy mess. The serious flooding results in at least 100 people being evacuated.

The Moxahala and Sunday Creeks overflowed their banks in the Villages of Crooksville and Corning, Tuesday morning, leaving many stranded and in some cases evacuated from their homes.

"It’s probably one of the most disheartening things because you have no power over it," said Ben Altier wife owns the Hair Factory. "You have no control and you are just there and the worse part about it is then all the people below us get hit worse."

The Altier’s are one of many putting life back together with the hopes of reopening their business Wednesday morning. The American Legion in Corning also spent the day removing mud.

"All the mud went in. It had no place to go so it settled right on the floor," said Ron Wesley Legion Post 327 Commander.

While Corning was all about to clean up. Residents of Crooksville are waiting to see if they’ll have anything left, as waters remained high. Kendra Spears was evacuated from her Village Green Apartment along with her husband and two small children.

"They come in and say to put all of our stuff up high," said Spears. "He said eventually you’ll be evacuated, probably and 20 minutes later they were beating on the door to say get out."

In Crooksville the Frame Moore Apartments also had evacuations along with part of China Street.  In nearby Rose Farm they too tried to salvage what they could.

"My son called off work," said Maxia Knox. "He had to move stuff out of the garage. They were moving the cars up here."

The Perry County Emergency Management Director has declared the county in a flood emergency. In the coming days, they’ll begin the task of assessing damage.

"We’ll go out and we’ll assess the damage how much water was in their homes, what they’ve lost and everything and then we’ll call other agencies like the Red Cross and Job and Family Services to see where they can help us," said Rita Spicer Perry County EMA director.

Until then everyone is just waiting and hoping for no more rain.

"We’re going to my mother-in-law’s I guess," said Spears. "We’ll try and get as much help from the Red Cross and whoever else."

"Just pray for everybody," said Knox. "Hope they make it through and don’t lose very much."