Remember: Never Drive on Flooded Roads

by Katie McGraw on July 9, 2013 at 8:54 am

With all of the flooding in Perry County, flash flood watches across the area, and more storms heading our way, the Zanesville Fire Department wants to remind everyone to drive safely in flooded areas.

If you cannot see the road beneath the water, never attempt to drive through and take an alternate route.

"They say it takes only about 1 foot of water to float your vehicle, to get stranded in the water. we suggest that you move to higher ground and go ahead and call 911," said Kyle Trout, a firefighter at ZFD.

If you do drive through and get stuck, Trout suggests getting out of the vehicle and climbing on top of it. He says staying in your vehicle only adds to your chances of drowning.

"The other thing is, we don’t suggest that people try to walk through standing water. Because number one, you don’t know if the road is still there underneath or what debris is in the water, that type of thing."

Trout says when driving during heavy rains, roads often give way underneath the water, so if the yellow lines on the road aren’t visible, you shouldn’t drive through.