School Rivals Work Together to Raise Money

by Courtney Wheaton on July 29, 2013 at 7:36 am

The friendly rivalry between two local schools is the basis for a fundraiser at Zanesville Country Club.

Monday was the 2nd annual Battle of the B’s Fundraiser that raises money for the golf teams at both Zanesville High School and Bishop Rosecrans.The two B’s in the title stand for Blue Devils and Bishops, and one team will be able to say they are the victors once the game is over.

"We are playing a best ball format. It’s a Ryder Cup style best ball format. Each match will be worth one point and we have 11 matches on the golf course, " said Head Golf Professional at Zanesville Country Club, Mike Durant.

Durant says that current students who are on both golf teams will play alongside alumnae and friends of the school. He hopes that playing together will build fellowship between all of the attendees. More people have registered for the fundraiser and donations have increased since their initial fundraiser last year.

" Last year we had 18 teams from each school, this year we have 22 from each school and our donations list has gone up so we really put together a nice fundraiser. Both schools are going to have a nice donation pot for their school, " said Durant.

This year the fundraiser hopes to bring in at least $800 for each golf program.