Search Warrant Leads To Drugs And Weapons

by Courtney Wheaton on July 27, 2013 at 4:42 am

Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz says a search warrant leads to drugs and weapons. Lutz says around 8 p.m. Friday the department conducted a search at 1333 Clover Street, Apartment B in hopes of finding stolen firearms.

"We have found several weapons in the house looking at what we had reported a lot of the guns look like the ones stolen. We haven’t confirmed the serial numbers and everything, well take all the evidence back to the building and compare that to the list we had reported to us," said Sheriff Lutz.

Two people were apprehended in the process. Sheriff Lutz says there was no retaliation, but a shot was fired when a member of the Special Reaction Team suspected a dog was coming at him. No one at the scene was injured. In addition to firearms other items were confiscated.

" We also found some U.S. currency and a lot of drugs in the house as well, in the apartment," said Sheriff Lutz.

Black tar heroin and crack cocaine were two drugs found during the search. At this time, the sheriff’s office is not releasing the names of the people suspected to be involved. Sheriff Lutz says the next step in the investigation is processing the evidence and making official charges.