Seasonal Produce at Local Farmer’s Market

by Courtney Wheaton on July 20, 2013 at 11:49 am

If you aren’t an avid farmer’s market attendee then sometimes it can be difficult to know what produce are in season.

At the Saturday Farmer’s Market a vendor from Cherry Orchard of Crooksville, explained what are the hot ticket items for July.

" We’ll have peaches throughout July and August and into September, plums are starting. We will have blackberries starting in July, apples will begin in July and continue into the fall," said the wife of the owner of Cherry Orchards, Faye Cherry.

There are more than 25 varieties of peaches and apples grown at Cherry Orchard. Some of the most popular peach varieties for right now includes Red Haven, Crest Haven, and Alberta. For apples, some of the most in demand varieties are Low Dye and Early Macintosh. Cherry says there is even more to look forward to come fall.

" One of the best things people like in the fall is our fresh apple cider, It’s pressed weekly and it’s fresh true apple cider made with 100 percent apples, " said Cherry.

In August, the orchard will have a pick your own blackberry event that is expected to attract large crowds. Cherry says they have been members of the Saturday Zanesville Farmer’s Market since it began more than fifty years ago.