Teen Injured after Tractor Flipped on a City Job

by Katie McGraw on July 2, 2013 at 6:37 am

One teenager was injured Tuesday afternoon in a tractor accident on East Market Street in Zanesville.

The Zanesville Fire Department says, the young male was working for a contractor that was hired by the City of Zanesville, to maintain weeds and high grass, when he lost control of the tractor and it flipped down a steep backyard hill.

"My understanding is, he went to pull up out of there and the way the tractor works, the pedal goes one way to make it go forward and one way to go reverse and I think maybe he just rocked it back in reverse, and panicked and it went down over the hill," said ZFD Deputy Fire Chief, Eric Waltemire.

The teen was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital by ambulance with rib, arm and hand injuries, but his boss Gerry Myers says, he is lucky the injuries were not much worse

"He could have been crushed to death,” Myers said. “We are just lucky that he made it so far and hopefully he is alright. He is at the emergency room right getting checked out hopefully everything is fine.”

Waltemire says Mayor Jeff Tilton and City Safety Director Fred Buck also responded to the scene of the accident.