Nichole Hannahs

The World Through a Different View

by Nichole Hannahs on July 12, 2013 at 10:38 am

A unique perspective on culture is on display at the John McIntire Library.

The Carnegie Wing Gallery is home to several works by Newark artist Emily Talbott. She creates eco-collages, using pieces of paper from all over the world and made with sustainable resources and layers them on canvas to create the works of art.

"We’re really uniquely positioned to share some enrichment opportunities with our communities and we do that with live performances, with summer readers and throughout the year. But, then visual and we though it complements the work of our partners in the artist colony and with the downtown area as well," said Assistant Director Blair Tom.

An interesting component to the show is a scavenger hunt for kids. There’s a list of 12 items for the children to find in the collages. The idea is to draw kids into a discussion about art and encourage them to be creative.

"That’s the things libraries do. They are a place of discovery and then follow your interest and the dreams and your own imagination that are sparked frequently by a book, by an art show, by a program at your public library," said Tom.

You can see Talbott’s work on display Monday through Friday from 10-5p.m. at the library. Talbott also shows her work by appointment at the Without a Brush Studio in Newark.