There is Still Time to Pay Real Estate Taxes!

by Katie McGraw on July 29, 2013 at 6:51 am

County investments continue to maintain status-quo from month to month.

During the investment committee meeting Monday afternoon, the Muskingum County Commissioners and Treasurer are making due with the resources they have in a difficult economy.

"No changes,” said Muskingum County Treasurer, Carol Friel. “Just monitoring our investments, to make sure that our money is working for us and it is working the best that it can right now. It’s difficult, in this environment but we are doing the best that we can."

Friel says that one area where things are improving is real estate tax collection .

"People are realizing, they are getting the message that we need those tax dollars. We are willing to work with them if they have become delinquent, we are able to offer them contracts, we want them to be good stewards and pay what they owe."

For those who continue to be delinquent with paying their taxes, will be pinpointed on a delinquent list in the fall. Friel says foreclosure is the last and most drastic action for the county to make.