Two Dead After Apparent Murder-Suicide

by Katie McGraw on July 16, 2013 at 6:50 am

Authorities in Perry County are investigating an apparent murder-suicide.

According to Perry County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Keith Peck , at 8:15 this morning, they received a 911 call reporting a discovery of two deceased people at 284 New England Hill Road in Shawnee.

"When our deputies arrived at the scene, we located two deceased bodies that have been identified as 43 year old Christopher Thompson and 41 year old Juanita Thompson,” said Peck. “Like I said, they were both deceased in an apparent murder suicide."

Peck said family members at the scene were able to provide more information to deputies regarding prior incidents that may have lead to Tuesday’s tragic event.

"There were problems. There was a history of some domestic violence issues, along with protection orders issued through our court."

Peck also made it clear the evidence leads authorities to believe it was a murder-suicide, but until the evidence is processed by BCI, the case remains under investigation .