Nichole Hannahs

United Way Distributes Funds

by Nichole Hannahs on July 22, 2013 at 6:30 am

It took over 280 hours for the United Way of Perry, Muskingum and Morgan counties to review applications for programs seeking funding.

When complete the nine member committee chose 22 programs that will receive help from the agency. This year over $653,000 will be distributed. Unlike in the past the United Way opened up funding to any non profit that focuses on income, education and health.

Four new partner agencies will join the United Way. Those include Scholarship Central, LifeWell, the Fieldhouse Foundation and the First Baptist Church’s Upwards Sports Program.

"We received a lot of great feed back from the community and opening that up to those specific outcomes. The organizations that we are investing in have been for years were already doing work around those outcomes, so it was a natural fit for them," said Community Impact Coordinator Amy Davis.

Those receiving funds will provide the United Way with progress reports and break downs of where the money is being spent. That information will be shared with those investing and donating to the agency.

"I’m looking forward to seeing the outcomes and working with the programs and building those outcomes because those outcomes are positive and we can share those with investors and donors and say this is how your investment is making an impact," explained Davis.

The biggest investment made by the United Way was to education programs followed by essential services, income and health programs. Money will be distributed to the organizations throughout the year. 

Programs funded in 2013-2014:
Boy Scouts (thru Muskingum Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America) – $11,568.83*
Cub Scouts (thru Muskingum Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America) – $21,418.83*
Youth Program (thru Eastside Community Ministry) – $52,706*
Youth Program (thru Zanesville Civic League) – $30,746.62*
Youth Mentoring (thru Big Brothers Big Sisters of Zanesville) – $50,301.76*
Summer Day Camp Program (thru Muskingum Family YMCA) – $21,072.34*
Youth Program (thru Lifewell) – $13,610
Upward Sports (thru First Baptist Church) – $6,000
Ohio College Guides Program (thru Scholarship Central) – $12,698
Read for 20 (thru Muskingum County Literacy Council) – $4,683*

Safety Net Services:
Emergency Relief (thru Eastside Community Ministry) – $37,087*
Emergency Services (thru Muskingum Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross) – $32,961.44*
Emergency Shelter (thru Salvation Army) – $39,047.50*
Hot Meal Program (thru Salvation Army) – $12,215

Payee Services (thru Catholic Social Services) – $35,787*
Utility Assistance Program (thru Salvation Army) – $32,931

Swim Lessons/Water Safety (thru Muskingum Family YMCA) – $9,580.33*
Student Assistant Services (thru Morgan Behavioral Health Choices) – $15,025.22*
Field of Dreams Projects (thru Fieldhouse Foundation) – $8,800
Blood Services (thru Muskingum Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross) – $15,844.43*