Village Green Residents Feel The Aftermath Of Tuesday’s Floods

by Mackenzie Stasko on July 10, 2013 at 6:37 am

The Crooksville Fire Department knocked on every door at Village Green Apartments Tuesday morning and told everyone to evacuate immediately. When residents arrived back home Wednesday morning, the water had receded but there homes were destroyed. Angela Wayne, a resident at the apartment complex, has salvaged what she could, which is only a couple bags of clothes.

"Yesterday me and my daughter got woke up and we had literally 15 minutes to get stuff put up," said Wayne. "The only thing we ended up saving was one TV, a couch and a chair. Everything else we lost."

Wayne says she’s not sure where her and her family will move to next. Cynthia Stover, a resident at the trailer park next door moved her TV and other valuables as high as she could and left for the night. Thankfully when she returned in the morning, her property was unharmed.

Stover said, "Really lucky, I was really worried. Ya know this is your home, you don’t want to lose it."

Unfortunately, Elizabeth Lear wasn’t so lucky and says the past few days have been like living in a nightmare.

"We were ordered out at 7 O’clock yesterday morning. It was you’re out, waters rising, lets go and it was an accountability thing," said Lear, a resident at Village Green Apartments. "We were allowed back in once they knew the water wasn’t going to keep rising but you’re stuff was already damaged by that point."

This is the second time Lear has lost everything in a flood. She says she’s not looking forward to rebuilding her life all over again.

"I lost everything then and I wasn’t eligible for any help or assistance ya know. I got back on my feet by myself with my kids and now it looks like i’ll be back on my feet again by myself."

Rose Donelson helped her son prepare for the flood and says she plans on helping as many of the neighbors at Village Green Apartments as she can.

Donelson said, "Everybody can use help down here. If anybody’s got anything they want to offer; clothes, kids stuff and all that, please donate to them. Because I feel for them."

With more rain on the way and flooding expected, the Muskingum Valley Chapter of the Red Cross is offering a 24-hour shelter at Crooksville High School with food, drinks and cots for flood victims.