Volunteers Wanted at Big Brothers Big Sisters

by Courtney Wheaton on July 25, 2013 at 6:48 am

A local organization is looking for volunteers and donations to make a difference in the lives of area children.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Zanesville has two outreach programs throughout the year, the first being a community based program where littles and bigs are matched and meet outside of school. The second, is school based program that will gear up in mid August. Elementary students are matched with a big once a week for a hour during the school day.

"That program is really cool because high school students can serve as mentors, college students, community adults, empty nesters, senior citizens… it’s just a great fun, feel good opportunity to be involved in a child’s life," said Executive Director of the charity, Mollie Crooks.

Every month the organization provides an activity for the bigs and littles to participate in which Crooks says takes time,money and volunteers. This year the Dancing with the Divas fundraiser will benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters in their efforts to raise money.

" Our celebrity dancer is Kevin Knapp from OK Coal and we heard he had quite a few great steps in him as well. Kevin is dancing on behalf of and to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters," said Crooks.

The Dancing with Divas event is happening this Saturday at Eagle Sticks golf course. The event is already sold out but you can still help their cause by making a donation.