W. Muskingum Approved For New Elementary School Funding

by Mackenzie Stasko on July 16, 2013 at 6:43 am

The Ohio School Facilities Commission recently approved 14.5 million dollars in state funding for construction of a new school in the West Muskingum School District. Before the grant could be awarded, the district had to move forward with their local initiative.

"The citizens of this community passed a bond issue which built a brand new high school, renovated and added on to the middle school and that was the local share," said Bill Harbron, Superindenent of the West Muskingum School District. "The state share and the new elementary that will be constructed, so that is being funded by the state."

Harbron says the cost of operating the current building of Falls Elementary, which is an older building, is growing and says renovating would actually be more expensive. The community can expect to see a more modern and efficient elementary school within three years.

"What we’re electing to do is a 21st Century School. It’s a little bit slower process which means we’ll be allocated one year to do the design and to do the planning. And then we’re being allocated two years for construction."

Harbron says the next step is selecting architects, construction managers and detertmining a spot for the new school.