ZFD Trying To Stay Cool

by Mackenzie Stasko on July 19, 2013 at 3:01 am

With temperatures in the 90’s and a heat advisory in effect, the Zanesville Fire Department makes sure they keep hydrated, look for signs of heat stroke or exhaustion while out on fires and they try to limit non-emergency activities.

"It’s not just for the fires. Anything outside obviously is going to create that," said Fire Chief, Kevin Thomas. "So we’re always constantly looking to make sure were all ok, looking at each other, making sure we stay hydrated. Trying to get the guys as rested and cooled as we can."

Thomas encourages the firemen and women to eat light meals. He says dehydration is one of the biggest concerns they have so he suggests firefighters don’t drink caffeine.

"Caffeine can tend to dehydrate you more than hydrate you. So we just tell them a lot of Gatorade, a lot of water, just a lot of that kind of stuff."

Thomas says they also have misting fans for the firefighters and try to keep them inside during hot days like today.