Nichole Hannahs

ZPD Cracks Down on Drinking

by Nichole Hannahs on July 2, 2013 at 6:34 am

Complaints brings police attention to a problem at some city parks.

Alcohol consumption is not permitted at any Zanesville city park. Complaints have come in from citizens ranging from illegal drugs to drinking. The manager of the softball fields at Riverside reported to authorities that drinking is becoming an increasing problem.

To warn those thinking about taking a swig of an adult beverage warning signs will be put in place. Police will also crack down on those caught drinking.

"We’ve talked to the Mayor and the Safety Director and asked them if we can get some new signs to brighten up the park. Over the past year’s we’ve overlooked it and we have not bothered them, but now it’s a problem," said Zanesville Police Captain Tony Coury.

While police often patrol parks in their district daily Riverside isn’t monitored as closely due to its location. But, with a large tournament at the park this weekend look for an increase presence.

"We will have officers in plain clothes at the parks and anybody seen consuming alcohol is going to be ticketed or warned. Whatever the officer’s discretion is," explained Coury.

A ticket for the minor misdemeanor of an open container offense could cost you a $100 fine for those over 21. Those under 21 caught drinking could be charged with additional violations and possibly be taken to jail.