A Fresh Idea to Raising Funds

by Katie McGraw on August 28, 2013 at 3:37 am

If you enjoy quality country music and also like to support local causes there is an event for you this fall.

Philo High School’s Boys Basketball Team came up with a fresh idea to fund-raise, a concert, with the popular 90’s country band, Little Texas, headlining the show.

"We’ve got a local band, that’s going to open up for them, Carson drive, huge following for Carson Drive,” said Head Coach, Jeff Rinkes. “We are going to hold that up at Secrest Auditorium on October 6th. Hoping like I said to use it as a fundraiser, give the people some quality music and opportunity to come out and enjoy themselves."

Rinkes says small local business are always being asked to help academic and athletic organizations and while he is thankful for the support for all their sponsors, the team wanted to come up with a different and new idea to raise money,

"What we are trying to do, and again to run programs athletically, especially this day in age, whens funds and money and things like that are pretty tight with everybody, especially schools; what we want to do is alleviate as much of the pressure, to allow your kid to play a sport, from the parents who usually take the biggest hit as we can."

Tickets go on sale this Friday for the October 6th event. Secrest’s doors open at 6 pm. Tickets range in prices from 25 dollars to 35 dollars.

Information contacts:

Secrest Auditorium

Website: www.secrestonline.com

Phone: (740) 454-6851

Jeff Rinkes

Phone: 614-595-4972