Administration Meeting at Zanesville High School

by Courtney Wheaton on August 12, 2013 at 8:16 am

A meeting took place today at Zanesville High School to recognize outstanding educators in our area.

The Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center awarded educators from 17 school districts.

"Words like caring, passionate, humble, exciting, student centered, student engaged all of those types of descriptors were used this morning ," said Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center Superintendent, David Branch.

Each recipient received a plaque and a $400 stipend that goes towards improving their classrooms. Aspiring administrators were also recognized and given scholarships to assist in the next step of their careers. Branch says it’s important to celebrate the hard work of teachers.

" The public education that we all represent. We are pretty excited about being able to recognize high quality teaching that takes place here in our Muskingum Valley ESC area." said Branch.

At the meeting attendees were offered breakfast and listened to different speakers throughout the event.