Bishop Rosecrans Plays On Their Own Field For Saturday’s Game

by Mackenzie Stasko on August 30, 2013 at 6:53 am

In celebration of the start of a new school year, the high school is planning a bunch of activities for students and staff, and it starts with their first home football game.

"One of the activities is the home football game. It’s the first time that there’s ever been a home football game behind our building," said Principal Jennifer Mallett. "And that’s to help us celebrate what’s gonna be happening in our school this year."

Scoreboards, bleachers and lights are being brought in Friday and Saturday to get the stadium ready the big game. Athletic Director Tim Rucker says that all of the students, faculty and players are really excited.

"We’re gonna have a good crowd I think," said Rucker. "If people want to see it, they should come early because we’re gonna do some tailgating and come a little bit extra early because the Y-City Mile is starting here at 6:30 right out front. So if they want to come, they should probably come really early to avoid any traffic."

Bishop Rosecrans plays Belpre at 7p.m. on Saturday. The rest of the football games will be held at Zanesville High School’s football field.