CCW Permits On The Rise In Ohio

by Mackenzie Stasko on August 9, 2013 at 6:40 am

According to Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, Ohio sheriff’s issued more than 63,000 new permits from January to July of this year. Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz says his office has issued double the amount of permits from 2012.

"I can tell you here in Muskingum County, we run quarterly reports so we’re in the middle of our third quarter, but our second quarter reports, we had issued over 500 CCW permits for 2013," said Sheriff Lutz. "Last year at this time, we had only done about 244."

DeWine says part of the reason is because more Ohioans are becoming familiar with the law, but Sheriff Lutz says there’s not just one main reason for the increase.

"Over the past year with the school shootings and with some of the things coming from our legislatures from the president down, there’s been some talk about trying to do away with guns or outlawing guns, or banning certain types of weapons. And so I think people are just going out and trying to get their permits so they have them before the threat of any of these changes actually materializes."

For more information on getting your concealed carry permit, you can go online to and click on ‘concealed carry.’