Changes to Dog Tag Prices

by Katie McGraw on August 26, 2013 at 6:39 am

The Muskingum County Commissioners met Monday morning with the County Auditor to discuss the new prices for dog tags.

Once the state legislation passed House Bill 59, it increased the length of time the tags are valid for. Pet owners have three time frame options of one year, three years or a permanent tag.

"The one year dog tags is still available for anyone that wants to purchase that and that would be at 10 dollars, the three year that would be at 30 dollars and the permanent would be 100 dollars," said Muskingum County Auditor, Debra Nye.

There are a couple of benefits to the change. If you decide to buy the permanent dog tag for a puppy, it would save you money, providing the animal lives into adulthood of ten years or longer.

"The other one as you mention, it’s a large penalty if you don’t get your dog tags between December first and January 31st. After January 31st, the price doubles, so for a ten dollar tag you would be paying twenty dollars."

Nye and the commissioners also discussed Bureau of Workers compensation and computer maintenance issues at Wednesday’s meeting.