Final Day of Y Bridge Arts Festival

by Courtney Wheaton on August 5, 2013 at 12:06 pm

Sunday was the final day of the Y Bridge Arts Festival at Colony Square Mall where local artists were praised for their contributions.

Paul Emory is a local artist from White Cottage, Ohio and loves to come to this festival every year to get feedback from his colleagues and visitors.

"It helps me decide what my strong pieces are sometimes when some one else tells me what they like it’s inspirational especially when we sell things because you know it makes me want to paint more pictures," said Emory.

Emory says he mostly makes paintings. but sometimes does multimedia work as well. He uses brushes, his hands and fingers and even knives to produce his works of art. Right now landscapes are his most popular types of pieces.

" Well a lot of farm scenes right now, and painting on the river.. anything that’s visually interest me or that I’m inspired by, I’ll go out and do a painting of it, " said Emory.

One of Emory’s surrealist paintings won a best of show award. If you missed him at the festival today you can contact him on his website.