Garage Destroyed by Fire on Alfred Street

by Katie McGraw on August 23, 2013 at 7:50 am

A blaze erupted Friday afternoon at a garage behind a residence on Alfred Street destroying the structure.

According to Zanesville Fire Department Deputy Chief Eric Waltemire, around 3 p.m., South Zanesville dispatchers received several calls reporting heavy black smoke that could be seen for miles on the south end of town. Once crews arrived to the scene, the garage on the Crawmer’s property, was fully involved with fire.

"There was a lot of fuel in there, a lot of hydrocarbons,” said Waltemire. “The smoke was so black because you have vehicles in there burning, because you’ve got tractors in there burning, paints and things like that. I am sure there were some fuels in there, and things like that, and all of that stuff burns black and makes a lot of smoke."

Waltemire says, establishing an early water supply was an issue and several departments were called to the scene including South Zanesville, Zanesville, National Trails, Harrison Township, Wayne Township, Newton Township and Falls Township.

"Well when we got here, we kept our distance and sprayed water from a distance for a couple of reasons. So that the building doesn’t collapse on us and secondarily to protect ourselves from any debris that might come flying out.  We saw some aerosol cans pop out and things like that, so you don’t want to get hit by those things."

Waltemire says he does not think anyone was home at the time of the blaze and the cause of the fire is unknown. The garage held some of the owners expensive items including cars, a motor home, a motorcycle, ammunition and several guns, all of which were destroyed.